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Hi! Our stores are closed for the duration of the South African government imposed lockdown. As per current regulations we are not allowed to sell any vape related items as it is not viewed as essential products by the government. Any store selling illegally will be fined up to R1 000 000 and / or jailed. To help us change this please sign the petition run by "Vaping Saved My Life" at https://t.co/tvA3Cxj2Vd and also visit www.vsml.co.za/ for more information. "Our request is to have vaping products included as an essential item for an ever-growing community of former smokers who have chosen a less harmful method of nicotine delivery. These products can be bought via numerous online stores and have them delivered via door-to-door courier services. In this way, we can still provide a valuable tool in the war against smoking, and exercise social and physical distancing." -vsml petition. For information on the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa please visit: https://sacoronavirus.co.za/

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